• To highlight the necessity and importance of veterinary involvement in the conservation of wildlife.
  • To position South Africa as a leading country with regards to veterinary science and wildlife conservation.
  • To promote active debate and the exchange of ideas regarding veterinary involvement in topical wildlife issues.
  • To establish an international communication network between veterinary students.
  • To create an opportunity where international and local veterinary students can experience the theory in a practical “hands-on” environment.


To achieve these aims:

  • The symposium maintains a balance between lectures on pertinent veterinary issues and excursions enabling delegates to witness practical aspects of the topics discussed e.g. game capture and relocation, disease control, etc.
  • Lectures, talks and demonstrations are held at various conservation areas and research faculties to enable delegates to grasp the diversity of fauna and flora that wildlife veterinarians are expected to deal with.
  • Exposure to what happens behind the scenes in South African Nature Conservation.

ISWU has, over the last two decades, proved to be a highly successful instrument for the achievement of some of the above mentioned goals. We are planning, with your assistance, to build on the historical successes, and in doing so, make a substantial contribution to veterinary science and wildlife conservation, both locally and internationally.